ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012
Boundary Matters. The Concept of Art in Modernity

Jesus, Jeanne d’Arc and Fela Kuti – Meschac Gaba’s other Story


Gaba, Meschac »Musée de l’Art de la Vie Active«. Performance in Karlsruhe, Germany, Sept. 2011. Video, 5:35 min. © ZKM

The traces of history, dead and a little dusty, begin to collect in the museum. Not so, however, in Meschac Gabas Musée de l’Art de la Vie Active (2010/2011). Frauke Schnoor was present as the Beninese artist had the icons of African and European history walk through Karlsruhe side by side. Continue Reading ...


Is This Your History? The Discovery and Perplexity of Perspectives


Pazooki, Leila »Moments of Glory« (2010). Installation view. Detail. © Leila Pazooki

What Gareth Lloyd and Tom Martin were actually looking for was a digital Mash Up capable of narrating a visual world history in 100 seconds. What their computers then found after having evaluated over 15.000 items of historical data from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia and locating them on a world map, was something else: were one to ask this global internet databank, it would then take, from the earliest registered event, more than 1.100 years before something of historical relevance beyond Europe would happen. In the humanities, the idea that history is able to describe the world with 'pure vision', that it is neutral and objective, has long been controversial. However, in modern art history nobody asks whose history of art one is, in fact, writing. Continue reading ...